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 CAR wreck causes CIDP this is vey common cause the accident will trigger a autoimmune response to cause a inflammatory neuropathy. Carpal tunnel syndrome after a car accident is very common.

I got in an automobile accident on May 28, 2004. I was in perfect health until then.


The airbag hit me so hard it broke several ribs and damaged my spine. Had surgery to cement disc open. I had no feeling in my chest abdomen or back.


Also in this wreck I had the worst headache I have ever had. Once it stopped the headache hasn't come back. One week later had a stroke in my face (Bells Palsy) and was put in hospital.

A month later my big toe on my right foot went numb. From here it spread to my whole right foot, then to my left foot. Even though both feet are numb, just to touch is very painful. Now my toes are curling over one another. The right foot is the worst. Nothing hurts but my feet.

Now I have 2 fingers on my right hand that are numb. As a gradual process after wreck I could still walk but had to touch something and get my balance, then went to crutchers and from there to a wheel chair.

I had the nerve test,all kinds of xrays, bone scan, bone density, MRI. Now I am takinf Xanax for my nerves and Lorecet for pain. I have an appointment in North Charleston, SC with neurologist  Monday Sept. 12th.

If I do not get help, can you help get me a appointment, I would prefer SC but would go to NC..I have to make arrangements to to go any where now. I can't drive.. So please help if you can!

I will get back in touch after I see Family Physician.

We can provide scientific articles to confirm that injury causes autoimmune diseases.


 Read the amazing story of a miracle happened on Southern California Highways  


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