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A rather high percentage of women do not reach the climax .  The frigidity figures of different authors vary from 10-80 per cent and come closer to the statistics of older sexologists. Adler (Berlin) came to the conclusion that 80 per cent of women did not reach the climax. Elkan guessed that 50 per cent suffered from frigidity, while Kinsey found it to be 75 per cent. Hardenberg's figures have a very wide range from 10 to 75 per cent.



Inflammations of the clitoris, especially below the prepuce, can make it so hypersensitive that it loses its ability to produce climax. .

Some investigators of female behavior believe that most women cannot experience  orgasm, because there are no nerves in the vaginal wall. In contrast to this statement by Kinsey, Hardenberg mentions that nerves have been demonstrated only inside the vagina in the anterior wall, proximate to the base of the clitoris. This I can confirm by my own experience of numerous women. An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra. Even when there was a good response in the entire vagina, this particular area was more easily stimulated by the finger than the other areas of the vagina. Women tested this way always knew when the finger slipped from the urethra by the impairment of their sexual stimulation. During orgasm this area is pressed downwards against the finger like a small cystocele protruding into the vaginal canal. It looked as if the erotogenic part of the anterior vaginal wall tried to bring itself in closest contact with the finger. It could be found in all women, far more frequently than the spastic contractions of the levator muscles of the pelvic floor which are described as objective symptoms of the female orgasm by Levine. After the orgasm was achieved a complete relaxation of the anterior vaginal wall sets in.

Erotogenic zones in the female urethra are sometimes the cause of urethral onanism. I have seen two girls who had stimulated themselves with hair pins in their urethra. The blunt part of the old fashioned hair pin was introduced into the urethra and moved forwards and backwards. During the ecstasy of the orgasm the girls lost control of the pin which went into the bladder. Both girls felt ashamed and tried to hide the incident from their mothers until a huge bladder stone had developed around the pin as centre. One stone was removed by supra-pubic, and the other by vaginal, cystotomy. A third hair pin entered the bladder and before the bladder was inflamed, it was angled out via the urethra. Since the old hairpins are no more in use, pencils are used for urethral onanism. They are longer than the hairpins and do not glide into the bladder so easily, though they cause a painful urethritis. Urethral onanism may happen in men as well. I saw a patient with a rifle bullet which glided into his bladder. He had played with it while he was lonesome on duty on New Years Eve. Analogous to the male urethra, the female urethra also seems to be surrounded by erectile tissues like the corpora cavernosa. In the course of sexual stimulation, the female urethra begins to enlarge and can be felt easily. It swells out greatly at the end of orgasm. The most stimulating part is located at the posterior urethra, where it arises from the neck of the bladder. Sometimes patients of Birth Control clinics complain that their sexual feelings were impaired by the diaphragm pessary. In such cases the orgastic capacity was restored by the use of the plastic cervical cap, which does not cover the erotogenic zone of the anterior vaginal wall. Such complaints occurred more frequently in Europe than here in the U. S. A., and was one of the reasons for giving preference to the cervical cap over the diaphragm pessary.

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