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Nanotech Clinic Information page 2

   Nanotech contact us through services link  June 11- 2011 (last update)  
 Autoimmune Disease are the number one disease process today! In the whole world.

اللہ ہمارے رہنما    Go to page one of Lahore Clinic

 Please Go to our home page for details on how we treat diseases   


Read The Flame within a guide to prevent & treat autoimmune diseases by Dr Imran Khan

(Nanotech trains doctors in a autoimmune fellowship, pain fellowship, & joint disease management)

We provide internet based help.

FibromyaIgia, Chronic Fatigue, weakness, tiredness, forgetfulness are all treated.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Get a internet based consultation..

Lahore Clinic activities

In our clinic at Lahore we have treated patients who were could not be helped by doctors in many western countries suffering from autoimmune disorders..

 Following are true reports

Case 1: A young girl from UK, who was not diagnosed doctors in UK thought she has  MS. She is doing well and her diagnosis was Fibromyalgia.

Case 2: A girl from USA who could not hear, she  was told to get a transplant in the House Ear Institute is a world-renowned hearing center in Los Angles USA, she has recovered without surgery,  on anti inflammatory treatment.

Case 3: A boy from UK who was suffering from muscle spasms and odd movements in the calf, e had seen several doctors in UK was without a diagnosis.  He was diagnosed as muscle fasciculation syndrome. His left calf muscle would have rippling movements.

Case 4: A girl from Dubai who was diagnosed as Myofacial pain. She is back to normal.

Case 5: A girl from Lahore who had not been to school for a year as she had fatigue and daily fevers she was diagnosed as Takayasu and is back at school within two weeks of treatment.

Case 6: A 9 year old from Lahore who had poor grades at school and was not doing well. Within two weeks he is among the best students in his class. He had attention deficit disorder.

Case 7: A old man with Parkinson's and multiple strokes who could not walk. He is active and walks.

Case 8: A old woman from Lahore who could not walk due to arthritis and had intention tremor. She is back at walking without any tremor  or joint problems.

Case 9 : A young man suffering from Anxiety who could not work. Is currently fully recovered and got a promotion.

Case 10: A 75 year old with multi vessel disease cardiac disease is fully recovered and independent with our oral chelation.

Case 11: A Alzheimer's patient from Germany.

Case 12 : A CIDP patient from Bangladesh who responded to intramuscular IVIG. Still walking but considers himself weak.

Case 13: A wheelchair bound woman from Sahiwal who was told by every neurologist in the City that she could not walk. She stood up one month after we started her treatment.

Case 14: 82 year old retired man who came in wearing two neck collars, treated with a TP injection and he threw away his neck collars.

Case 15: Three uncontrolled epilepsy patients, one a child all are doing well. The first one with Myoclonic epilepsy went one month without any drugs on a electrical stimulator. The second a child with

Case 16 Woman with swelling around eyes due to Thyroiditis resolved in 30 minutes

Case 17 Novartis Medical Doctor in Pakistan intense eye pain and severe red eye resolved in 30 minutes

Case 18 CIDP In a young pharmacy rep of USB in Pakistan resolved with drug cost of 1000 rupees.

Case 19 A basket ball player with severe neck pain which came on after a dunk, resolved in one hour. (NBA take note) We have the technology to heal  a severely hurt athlete in 30 minutes. 

Case 20 A young man with low neck pain and weakness in arms, came with a MRI showing disc disease and was thinking of ozone surgery as recommended by a neurosurgeon. The pain and weakness resolved with trigger point injection in 5 minutes.

Case 21 A 45 year old who was not walking for 3 years due to knee pain, fixed in 15 minutes and the patient walked out of the clinic. Her husband is a mechanical engineer in a local grid station. If you want to talk to him send us a email.























Case 22 A girl with skin disorder walked in, she had not been diagnosed for last 10 years. She got a diagnosis Scleroderma. Is on treatment, pain has stopped and healing started within three weeks of treatment.

Case 23 A 18 year old who would not obey his parents and would not go to college. Was turned around in one month.

Case 24  A 50 year old well built laborer who had neck pain and numb index & middle finger of left hand and  could not work  for 3 months while under treatment by doctors in Jinnah hospital Lahore. With nano pulse and TPI  at Nanotech after two days he has been released to return to work. 


Case 25: A 70 year old farmer in severe pain with Herpes spread through the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve on the right side, where he also developed Vitiligo. The pain was stopped by Nanopulser in 15 minutes.

Case 26: Heel pain in two  female patients gone with our nanopulser, two male patients were treated with nanopulser and nano injection complete resolution of  heel pain.


Nanotech in Lahore December 29, 2010   our complete cancer guide 

                                                    we offer web based help

         Life's turned around in days with thehelp of cidpusa read the story  h

  03224569778             Lahore.                                  

 Nanotech aids all cancers

   Diseases Treated at our facility include the following.

If you have any chronic diseases then we have a treatment, does the disease come in attacks and do you sometimes feel better?

Arteriosclerosis Heart Disease, preventative treatment and we reduce cholesterol without drugs!

Neuropathies including CIDP GBS ( weakness , numbness in hands and  feet)

p; Memory Disorders , Alzheimers , forget names of people, forget keys, wallet, forgets to take medicine

ALS, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis

AIED autoimmune hearing loss, vertigo or noises in the ear

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Gulf war Syndrome

Myocarditis, Heart Failure, swelling in legs, difficulty breathing

PTSD, stress, tension,  Neuropsychiatric Disorders, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder

Epilepsy (treat the cause, with the least medication.) odd feelings ,

Chronic Pain, Back pain , twisted ankle, frozen shoulder, wrist pain, (No need of surgery)

Sleep Disorders, Narcolepsy (excessive sleep disorder). dreams, sudden onset of sleep while driving,

Sexual disorders ( Male erectile dysfunction) premature ejaculation,

Asthma, chronic bronchitis, difficulty breathing

Hepatitis inflammation of the Liver

Prostates inflammation and enlargement , bladder inflammation (without surgery)

  Gall bladder stones

  Inflammation in the stomach, intestines or rectum,  Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  ( alternating constipation and diarrhea)

  Chronic Lyme disease 

  Obsessive compulsive disorder ( is a autoimmune disorder)

  Sudden onset of hearing disorders, vertigo- dizziness, nausea, buzzing sounds in ear

Multiple Sclerosis     ( Brand new protocol , low cost)  without interferon's or IVIg!

Sudden onset of visual disorders

Myasthenia Gravis, weakness

Stiff-Person Syndrome, feeling of tightness and stiffness in muscles

;Parkinsons disease any stage

chorea rapid uncontrolled hand and arm movements

Rheumatoid arthritis & all of arthritis variants\  Scleroderma tight skin, weakness

Osteoarthritis (OA), is currently considered a autoimmune disorder ( read our e-book)

Psoriasis , skin rash, joint pains, numbness, dry tongue

Reactive Arthritis and Reiter's Syndrome, joint pains

Scleroderma CREST  ( skinny women who have difficulty swallowing) tight skin, skinny

Autoimmune Vasculitis , strokes, headaches

Giant Cell Arteritis ( old woman with headaches)

Takayasu arteritis ( blue hands and feet, reduced pulses) weakness

Behcet's Disease   anal or mouth ulcers , weakness

Wegeners  sinus problems, kidney problems, strawberry gums

Dermatomyositis & Polymyositis  weakness shoulders / legs

Sjogren's  (dry mouth and dry eyes, dry vagina may cause the husband to have penile lesions after sex)

SLE or Lupus  red rash on face

Antiphospholipid syndrome (Infertility, recurrent abortion)

Porphyria  Do you have passing out spells, abdominal pain

We treat MRSA, Hepatitis, or whatever infection you may have.  Do you have a untreatable infection?

We cover all autoimmune disorders including skin conditions and infertility.


  Our treatments in Lahore are based upon Quranic Shifa.  Please read the link.

 Tele Medicine is used to provide our expertise, so we will do remote consultations based upon the internet or phone by prepayment anywhere .

  link page mammogram


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