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    Glomerulonephritis can be treated in early stages by IVIG .          


    Treating the original infection:

    Streptococci bacteria are usually destroyed with antibiotics such as penicillin. Other infections may require other types of antibiotics and/or anti-viral drugs.



    Chronic Renal Failure (CRF):

    Is the progressive loss of kidney function. The kidneys attempt to compensate for renal damage by hyper filtration with the remaining functional nephrons. Chronic loss of function causes generalized wasting or shrinking and progressive scarring within all parts of the kidneys. In time, overall scarring obscures
    the site of the initial damage. But, it is not until over 70% of the normal combined function of both kidneys is lost that most patients begin to experience symptoms of kidney failure.


    Treating glomerulonephritis:

    If you have glomerulonephritis the doctor treating you will focus on treating the cause as well as the condition. You may be advised to drink less fluid (restrict your fluid intake) and to avoid certain drinks such as alcohol and drinks with a lot of sodium chloride (salt) and/or potassium in them. Your diet should be controlled carefully. Your GP or dietician will give you advice on eating protein and controlling the your intake of potassium and salt. Your blood chemistry will be regularly reviewed to ensure that levels of potassium, sodium and chloride are at the right level and that the amount of fluid in your diet is correct. Your treatment may include corticosteroids and a drug called cyclophosphamide. Other drugs used will relate to the underlying cause of the condition and the body’s response to glomerulonephritis.

    Treating high blood pressure:

    High blood pressure damages the kidney further and causes other health problems. Your blood pressure will be monitored by the doctor treating you and may need to take drugs such as ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) inhibitors which relax the blood vessels and reduce the workload of the heart.

    Treating chronic kidney disease or kidney failure:

    In cases of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, kidney dialysis (using a machine to do the kidneys’ job of removing waste products from the body) or a kidney transplant will be needed.


    Possible complications vary according to the type of glomerulonephritis but can include:

    High blood pressure: This is a common complication of glomerulonephritis, because the kidneys help control the blood pressure in the body. Many people with glomerulonephritis are prescribed drugs to lower blood pressure. It is important to take these to protect the kidneys against further damage and also to reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. If blood pressure is untreated it can lead to heart failure and fluid in the lungs (pulmonary oedema).

    Disease in other internal organs: In most patients, glomerulonephritis affects only the kidneys. However, in some cases, the immune system that damages the kidneys can also affect other parts of the body, for example giving a blotchy red rash on the skin or pain in the joints. Discuss any symptoms you may have with your doctor to see if they could be related to glomerulonephritis. If you develop a blotchy red skin rash you should see your GP immediately.

    Kidney disease or kidney failure: This is rare, but glomerulonephritis can cause so much damage to the kidneys that they fail completely.

    What is dialysis

    In complete renal failure , dialysis access is used to clean the blood

    Dialysis, also called hemodialysis, is the most common treatment for kidney failure. A dialysis machine is an artificial kidney designed to remove impurities from your blood. During dialysis, physicians use the dialysis access to remove a portion of your blood to circulate it through the dialysis machine so it can remove impurities and regulate fluid and chemical balances. The purified blood is then returned to you, again through the dialysis access.


    Although slightly more expensive than other oils, walnut oil is a delicious and easy-to-use oil to use in food preparation. It has a light, delicate flavor and scent that makes it a good match for fine balsamic vinegars, red wine vinegars and tarragon white vinegar when used in salad dressings and can also be used to add flavor to grilled fish or meat dishes. When using it in cooking, chefs suggest that you avoid using it at high temperatures, as the heat can turn the oil bitter and destroy some of its antioxidant properties.

    Like any healthy unsaturated fat, walnut oil is best when stored in a cool place and should be used up or tossed out within six weeks after first opening.


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